Is TWTP only for students of color or can anyone attend?

TWTP is open to all first-year incoming students regardless of race or nationality. The issues discussed at TWTP focus on domestic issues faced by Third World communities and communities of color within the United States. These include issues of racism, classism, cissexism and sexism, ableism, imperialism, and heterosexism.


There is no registration fee to attend TWTP. The program will cover your housing and meals.  Your meal plan for the semester begins on Saturday, September 1, the first day of General Orientation.

Accessibility Accommodations

We strive to make TWTP an accessible space for folks with a range of abilities. This includes ASL interpreters, wheelchair accessible spaces, and large print copies of our booklets. Still, students who need accommodations should contact Student and Employee Accessibility Services (SEAS) to ensure that their needs are also identified by the institution. SEAS serves students who require physical, psychological, sensory and learning accommodations. SEAS can be reached at (401) 863-9588 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Additional information can be found on their website.


Athletes who would like to attend TWTP activities during their free time are more than welcome to do so. You should register for the program and work out an agreeable schedule with your coach. Please alert your unit MPC of your schedule.

Excellence at Brown, Bonner Community Fellows, and Other Pre-Orientation Programs

You can register for other pre-orientation programs in addition to TWTP. You will have to choose which program you want to attend if you are extended an invitation to participate in TWTP. Since most pre-orientation programs have overlapping schedules, you would not benefit from attending both. 

Should I register for TWTP if I come late or if i can attend only a few sessions of TWTP? 

Ideally, you should attend all sessions of TWTP. However, if you are an athlete or registered for IMP, you can be excused from some TWTP sessions. Please inform your Minority Peer Counselor (MPC) regarding your schedule for each day and which sessions of TWTP you will be attending. We would not encourage you to join the sessions after the first day of TWTP. You would not have the full experience, and you may feel uncomfortable joining the group at this late stage.